What Famous People Do With Their Free Time

With actors, actresses, and other forms of stars it may be hard to figure out just what kinds of things these people are into, especially considering that most of the time when seen, they’re using a hand-made character.

So, when we can find out more about these people and their lives, not only does it bring us closer to them, but it is a grand realization that they aren’t so far away from us as we may have thought.

However, while some stars spend their hobbies doing things assumed of them, others will kick the standards to the curb and do the most surprising things that will leave you feeling that you now know these people more than ever before.

Here are some celebrities with surprising pastimes, enjoy:

Nicolas Cage Collects:

Actor Nicolas Cage who is most known for his hilarious yet mesmerizing over-acting has the hobby of what could be described vaguely as ‘collecting.’ This man collects everything from strange, unusual items such as pygmy heads and a dinosaur skull to exotic animals such as a pet octopus, an alligator, a shark, and two king cobras.

He is also the proud owner of various buildings such as a castle and even a haunted mansion. Oh yeah, and he also collects some luxury vehicles such as thirty different types of motorcycles and nine Rolls-Royces.

His overabundance isn’t just limited to his acting, but his purchases as well. Nicolas Cage is holding the type of life many people would, literally, only dream of having.

George Clooney Makes Shoes:

In 2014, George Clooney held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit; where fans flooded the forums to participate. During that time, we learned a lot about the actor, especially when it came to his social life; but one thing he brought to life left a lot of people in awe.

George Clooney is a cobbler or someone who makes shoes. The way he got into the hobby is still a mystery, but the knowledge is still just as exciting.

Angelina Jolie Tattoos and Dagger Collecting:

Actress Angelina Jolie has a passionate love for tattoos, especially when it comes to those on her own body. She has put hours of detail and love into inking her inner-soul into her flesh.

Each tattoo has a personal story or a deep connection with her as well as memories. Some of these designs include scripts in Taiwanese for protection, memories of dates, the title of a song from her favorite band, and even the roman numeral thirteen as a way to prove that she doesn’t believe in superstitions.

She also loves collecting daggers. She has a whole collection of the weapon which she had started when she was around eleven or twelve.

Jared Leto Dresses In Drag:

Ever since actor Jared Leto first got into his role as a transgender woman in the 2013 movie, Dallas Buyer’s Club, he realized his love for women’s clothing.

He has gotten to the point of even wearing feminine clothing during his daily life, also going out in public with it. He also continued with the transformation for the cover of the magazine ‘Candy.’

Hunter S. Thompson Enjoyed Weaponry:

Hunter S. Thompson was an American journalist who lived his life with a bang, literally and figuratively, before his death in 2005.

The man loved weapons and more importantly, explosions and would regularly take any chance he got to shoot guns or explode things. Even Johnny Depp, when asked in an interview, confirmed this by telling a tale of when he had visited Thompson at his home. Thompson, who was wanting to entertain his guest, claimed that the two should blow something up. So they made a bomb from scratch using propane tanks and caused its explosion by shooting at it.

He loved shooting guns and causing explosions with dynamite. It’s a crazy hobby to have, and you have to admit, this guy had character.

Bill Murray With Many Visits:

Bill Murray has always spent his years putting smiles on people’s faces and making laughs fill entire rooms, and even now he has yet to be stopped.

Even when not on a stage or while being recorded, Bill Murray has made it his mission to continue surprising people in the most wholesome ways; from crashing bars during SXSW where he ordered tequilas for the entire bar to crashing Fan’s Bill-Murray themed Ice Cream Socials.

He has even gone further than this by crashing large house parties and showing off his social-butterfly trait for large groups and individual people alike.

This socializing pastime of his is so common for him that an entire website is dedicated to ‘Bill Murray Visiting Stories.’ This website is called ‘Bill Murray Story.’

Tom DeLonge Is A UFO Researcher:

Tom DeLonge, known for his music career with both Angels & Airwaves in 2005, and more recently Blink-182, left the music career behind as the passion for his pastime grew to become the primary focus in his life; researching UFOs.

DeLonge has an alien obsession and isn’t afraid to let it show; he has dedicated many hours on UFO research and was even titled “UFO Researcher of The Year,’ in 2017.

Now he is working alongside former CIA members and other great-minded scientific researchers at To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science.

Drake And Basketball:

Drake, while being a musician, loves the NBA spotlight. He attends as many games as possible and has befriended many different NBA players. On the outside, it is a pretty harmless hobby to have; however, apparently, as stated by Kanye West, in the privacy of his own home he takes his passion to a different level.

When Kanye visited Drake’s house for a quick basketball game one day, he entered to see Drake garbed entirely in NBA gear, and even recorded the entire game so that he could edit out a video later with his coolest shots.

James Franco Teaches:

While James Franco may be up to a lot of different things in his personal life, such as filmmaking and even piloting; he wanted something more, and what is more than giving back to the community in the form of teaching?

Franco started using his free time to lecture film students at universities; once in NYU and USC. He was quite the favorite professor as you may suspect, however, many students, as stated on RateMyProffessor.com, have claimed that he is an excellent teacher, is very inspirational, and easy to understand.

Norman Reedus And His Breast Collection:

Mail is one of the best ways to get in contact and show the love to those you don’t have the opportunity to see in person; however, the strange thing about packages is that you can send, almost, anything without real repercussions.

For one fan, she sent her breast implant to Norman Reedus, one of the lead Actors on The Walking Dead, which seemed to fascinate him. The gift quickly became one of his prized possessions, which may have started an influx of breast implants by other willing fans being shipped to his house.

Perhaps he’s happy with his new-found collection, or he now realizes what a mistake he has made.

Marilyn Manson Into Everything Weird:

If it is eccentric, Marilyn Manson surely doesn’t mind, because that is the type of things he loves; often proven by the kind of stuff he lovingly collects.

These creepy objects include things such as a painting from serial killer John Wayne Gacy, a gas canister used in the Holocaust, and a disfigured taxidermied fish that has horns, and chicken feet sewed onto it.

He also has a collection of prosthetic limbs, human skeletons, and African masks that have real human skin on them.

Johnny Depp And Dolls:

There isn’t much Johnny Depp can do to retract our love from him, even with the fact that collects Barbie dolls and prides himself on it. They aren’t just any old Barbie you can find in your closest toy store; these are limited-edition versions; or just dolls that are based on celebrities.