Watch John Oliver explain Bitcoin using $15,000 Beanie Babies and rap videos

John Oliver is known for his eloquent explanations of complex topics like net neutrality. Now he’s turning his attention to the Internet’s favorite topic of the moment: Bitcoin. It’s “everything you don’t understand about money combined with everything you don’t understand about computers,” quips Oliver, correctly.

The 25 minute video uses $15,000 Beanie Babies, an interview with a man using chicken McNuggets as a metaphor for blockchain, a video of Brock Pierce (The Mighty Ducks child actor turned crypto-entrepreneur) talking about his unicorn wedding at Burning Man, and a HODLGANG rap music video to explain the phenomenon. (“Hodl” is a slang term used in the Bitcoin community meaning to “hold onto” the cryptocurrency and not sell).

“The important thing to remember here is this is a brand new, very complicated space and literally nobody knows how it’s going to develop, so you need to be careful,” warns Oliver. “I know that sounds boring, caution is a tough sell when you’re up against BitConnect and HODLGANG.”

It’s worth a watch if you’re still confused by Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies in general… bro.

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