Unicorn Cryptos’s: 10 of the Weirdest Coins You Can Actually Buy


Tokens have been created for reasons smart, silly and stupid. Here are ten that fit the latter two categories


In 2013, a Shiba Inu meme with broken-English captions went viral. Dogecoin, originally issued as a joke currency, has been a coin-market star. Today it has a $630 million market cap, and it has already sponsored Nasdaq race cars and water wells in Africa, plus sent the Jamaican bobsled team to the Winter Olympics.

 The concept behind Dogecoin Coin is very user-friendly. With very little effort, the user can create an eWallet and load it with the purchased Dogecoin coins. What distinguishes the Dogecoin Coin from other cryptocurrencies is its social purpose: for example, the websites “Reddit” and “Twitter” use Dogecoin Coins to show users a high regard for successful comments or contributions.

NASCAR Dogecoin sponsored race car.
Mooncoin sits on the new Mooncoin blockchain and aims to revolutionize investing. Forget researching companies and markets. You can “monetize your likes” by earning Mooncoins when others like them, too. Current market value: $34 million. The current exchange rate per Mooncoin coin is USD 0.000034 (as of 24.11.2017). It is available on the digital exchanges Bleutrade, Novaexchange, C-CEX, CoinExchange, and CoinGather.
It is easy to use, making it easy for everyone to get started. In the meantime, the currency has been on the market for over three years and has continued to develop.