Take a Trip to One of These Famous Haunted Locations

If you have been thinking about taking a different kind of vacation this Spring Break or even for this summer, or you have a strange love for the macabre and would like to experience it in real life, maybe you should think about a Paranormal getaway this year. You won’t be traveling to your usual locations, you will get to see places you never expected like the ruins of an old Arizona mining town, or even Philadelphia, Pa.

You may not be able to get that beach tan you normally get, but you make get goosebumps and spine-tingling chills from ghostly encounters. Who wouldn’t think that was fun? Here is our list of some of the most haunted places in America, enjoy!

Moundsville Penitentiary:

Located in Virginia, the Moundsville Penitentiary was a place where no criminal wanted to go. Those who came here were never making a trip back out. Dozens of evil-doers were punished with death here, and so it’s to be expected that dozens will still roam the halls of this prison, looking for vengeance.

There are many reports of shadowed men walking about the halls, even some who have had their picture taken, and strange noises throughout the empty cells and hallways.

St. Louis Cemetary:

The St. Louis Cemetary is the oldest cemetery in New Orleans Lousiana. Many people have claimed to see sightings of ghosts here. This burial ground holds over 700 tombs and over 100,000 of the dead some famous, some just regular civilians. The cemetery itself has its graves above ground, many of them beginning to crumble from years and years of time passing. If the thought of ghosts doesn’t spook you enough not to go in, maybe the eerie feeling of being surrounded by giant tombs will.

Eastern State Penitentiary:

In 1829 a penitentiary in Philadelphia was active and was known to give insane punishments and practice brutal tactics to their prisoners. One tactic was of complete isolation between inmates, having them do everything completely alone. Whenever a prisoner would leave their cell, they would be not only be trailed by a guard but also would have to wear a mask over their head so that they could see nothing or communicate with no one. Eventually, the solitude tactic could no longer work with the rise in prisoners, the prison becoming somewhat overcrowded, but they still turned to other forms of punishments such as chaining the prisoner’s tongue to their wrist.

Today you can visit the penitentiary and participate in ghost tours where many people have claimed to hear wails and see shadowed figures walking about the hallways.