Selling Pressure Hits Bitcoin, Altcoins Following Large Rally

In every industry, there is one company that tries to become so technologically superior that it can overcome all the other challenges posed by their competition. Whether the other competitors have first mover’s advantage or are just plain better marketers, one company can disrupt this by being so much more advanced where it matters.

Bitcoin is constantly criticized for its scaling ability. The speed and safety of the network has proven to be lacking, but the story and community behind it have allowed it to become massive. RChain was formulated with the core belief that by creating a solution that solved all the problems Bitcoin couldn’t, it could gain dominance.

RHOC’s Main Value Proposition

To sum up the entire goal of RChain (or RHOC), they aim to be the fastest and most efficient solution on the market. From there, it should be simple to take advantage of the core communities that have been built around media favourites like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

RChain gets its name from the mathematical innovations that are used to fuel it: Reflective High-Order Calculus. This calculus was invented by the founder, Greg Meredith, and it allows for concurrent calculations to be done in a way that will enable the continued scaling of the network.

There are 3 benefits that are constantly highlighted about RChain. Speed is first and foremost, since it is a key selling point for everyone. With the ability to process 40,000 transactions per second (and high hopes of scaling to 100,000 transactions per second), this puts it way ahead of the current capabilities of Bitcoin.

Then you have the tools provided for developers, which should greatly improve their ability to create apps and products that work well with the platform. But most of all, RChain has put a lot of work into creating their own RChain Collective. The collective is a public group composed of developers, investors, and users of RChain. By creating this inclusive collective, the RChain team has guaranteed that every member has some say in the future of the platform.

RHOC’s Recent Performance

2018 has seen a slow but consistent rollout of the features promised by the RChain Cooperative, and now many of the promises are starting to come to fruition. As more features are offered and the mainnet demonstrates its ability to handle a higher number of transactions, RChain will become much more appealing for investors and developers.

In situations like this, the first thing people usually say is that it is a pump n’ dump scheme, but there is one key reason why this doesn’t fit RChain. They are continually updating their development timeline, and have released consistent offerings along the way. Their testnet is planned to be released in September 2018, with the mainnet following sometime in Q1 2019.

Although RHOC is down 31.4% in the last month, it is well-positioned for a comeback. Its total market capitalization is $121 MM, which places it in the top 20 of ERC-20 tokens. Making a bet on RChain is really about making a bet on the team they have in place, and their ability to deliver on the massive promises they have made. Because if they do, then it could mean massive disruption in a sector that has mostly been focused on Bitcoin and Ethereum from the beginning.

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