Secure Global Bitcoin Trading Platform?

The ProBit Exchange is designed to be the most professional, global, and secure marketplace for digital assets.

ProBit Crypto Asset Exchange Grand Opening

ProBit recently announced that its Korea branch would officially open on January 29, 2019. The ProBit Korea platform seeks to feature Korean WON-Fiat Exchange on which users will be able to buy cryptocurrency directly using the Korean WON (KRW). Users already registered at the ProBit platform will conveniently move their assets between ProBit and ProBit Korea. Besides, users will have the opportunity to trade on both platforms and choose according to their preference.

After the grand opening the ProBit Korea, the platform will conduct two Pre-Trade Mining rounds, with the first taking place on January 30, 2019 while the second will take place on January 31, 2019. After the second Pre-Trade Mining round, the ProBit token (PROB) will be officially listed at the ProBit Exchange on January 31, 2019. The token will be traded against BTC, USDT, and KRW starting January 31, 2019.

Meanwhile, detailed information about opening events, Pre-Trade Mining, and PROB listing will be announced within this week. The following are some of the important dates that users should mark on their calendars reading the ProBit platform.

 ProBit Korea Grand Open Schedule

January 29 – ProBit Korea platform opening, KRW is available for deposit
January 30 – Pre-Trade Mining (Round 1)
January 31 – Pre-Trade Mining (Round 2)
January 31 – Listing of ProBit Token (PROB)

The launch of ProBit Korea exchange will enable ProBit to move one step closer to realizing the vision of the ProBit ecosystem—the integrated system with various services such as coin-to-coin exchange, local fiat deposits, and various trading pairs and IEO platform.

ProBit Crypto Asset Exchange Features

Professional: It provides an excellent trading engine that provides fast and robust trading experience.
Global: the platform embraces global coin-to-coin exchange with presence in major financial markets.
Secure: the platform offers number one security through a wide range of options to secure digital assets.

Innovation At Its Best

ProBit Exchange was designed with features to guarantee traders with the best trading experience. With top performance, the platform has a processing capacity of 1,500,000 orders matching per second, which is one of the world’s fastest.

The platform also boasts superior security, with 95% of assets on cold storage, FIDO U2F hardware security key, and software-based 2FA support.

With a fully customizable dashboard, the platform displays a trading interface that is powerful for professional traders and convenient for beginners. Abundant coins and reading pairs also boost the trading experience. There are more than 150 digital currencies ready to be listed with more than 20 available from day 1.

ProBit Exchange -Trade Mining Information

The Pre-Trade Mining price of PROB will be fixed at 0.21 USDT
The 10-20% referral bonuses from trading fee scheme will be suspended throughout both Rounds 1 and 2 of Pre-Trade Mining
The distribution of mined PROB will be given on the next day after each round of mining
The airdrop date is subject to change. ProBit Exchange aims to fulfill the planned airdrops to the best of its abilities
ProBit Exchange reserves the right to change the rules of this event

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