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In spite of the highs and lows of 2018, Ripple’s XRP came out of the bearish market better than any coin. The digital asset (XRP) has been in the spotlight for long. Now, speculations are rife that it is set to pull away from other crypto coins and set a bullish race for the number one spot.

While Ethereum tried to prove formidable to Ripple’s XRP in the market to takeover the second position, the latter resisted all forces from the former to permanently champion the sit number tow, and there are signs that, XRP might be testing a Bitcoin runover move, and here are reasons.

Cross-Border Efficiency: Ripple’s Backbone

The stability in the cross-border remittance sector is the major force propelling the massive increase in the XRP coin. As more banks and platforms adopt the coin, the tendency to topple Bitcoin (BTC) grwos higher especially with the initiation of xRapid which solely relies on XRP for transfer. It is a popular notion that Ripple’s (XRP) cross-border remittance tools (such as xRapid) are faster and cheaper than Bitcoin’s (BTC).

Bitcoin 2.0: Ripple’s Foothold in the Crypto-Sphere

Sequel to Bitcoin’s (BTC) insufficiency in cross-border transactions, Ripple’s XRP got more use cases. The view held by the crypto community is that the coin is the next-generation Bitcoin. In addition, the ability to fix many issues in the Bitcoin network endeared Ripple (XRP) to teeming crypto enthusiasts.

Ripple’s XRP offers a seamless and frictionless service unlike Bitcoin.

Toppling Ethereum (ETH) Is a Great Motivation

Even though Ethereum (ETH) made all effort to regain its position in the space, XRP made all attempts futile.

In the past, especially when Litecoin was ranked the third largest coin by market cap, the myth used to be Ethereum and Bitcoin stand out with no threatening challenges. People believe that, the two coins have permanently championed the first and second position.

Probably due to adoption and viable use case, the impossibility became a piece of cake for Ripple’s XRP. XRP crushed the crypto status quo by overtaking Ethereum in the market with an irreconcilable margin.

With this, many have opined that for XRP to be brave and effortful to takeover Ethereum, nothing is impossible for Ripple’s XRP. Hence, outstripping crypto don Bitcoin will not be an inconceivable task.

Despite Falling Prices, Ripple’s XRP Holds Sway

It is quite amazing to have XRP still sitting on the second spot in cryptocurrency market capitalization, despite the market situation and known potency of Ethereum. Even though, Ripple was launched before Ethereum, the second and third was never the place for the former, as it used to sit below.

Likewise, in spite of the threat posed by Stellar Lumen in the cross border remittance industry, Ripple and its coin, XRP still has outstanding relevance in the sector. The sector is behind most of its victories in the market.

The year 2019 can be a defining moment in the crypto-sphere. While Bitcoin (BTC) still remains the crypto king, Ripple’s XRP is gathering momentum to trigger another bullish race that will spike ahead of the king.

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