Quantzig Predicts the Future of Bitcoin – Proclaims It a Gamble

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quantzig, a pure-play analytics solutions provider, has announced the
completion of their latest article on the future
of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin prices saw a sudden surge at the beginning of 2018, but they
have fallen by two-thirds over the past couple of months. This makes the
future of Bitcoin highly risky and unpredictable for investors. Bitcoins
gained popularity due to the ease in the transaction and the lack of a
central governing body for Bitcoin transactions. However, the stability
of Bitcoin is at stake because of increasing costs of Bitcoin
transactions and the lack of widespread acceptance as a mode of
transaction. But these reasons do not suffice to ignore its relevance.
Certain real-world events such as regulatory status and technical
advancements can prove to be of importance when to comes to predicting
the future of Bitcoin.

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“There are currently over 1500 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin in
the market and many more governments and central banks are considering
introducing their own cryptocurrencies, which will directly compete with
Bitcoin,” says an expert from Quantzig.

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Key factors affecting the price and future of

Regulatory restrictions

Cryptocurrencies in the form of Bitcoins have been operational for
almost a decade but the regulations in the sector are still in its early
days. Many people believe that the price of cryptocurrencies will be
negatively affected if governments start regulating cryptocurrencies.
Despite this, Japan had completely regulated Bitcoin in 2017 and, at
present, has the highest trading volume in the world for Bitcoin. The
wide use of Bitcoin is a positive sign for the future of Bitcoin as more
countries are expected to follow the suit. To gain more insights into
cryptocurrencies and the future of Bitcoin, Get
in touch.

Technological advancements

Bitcoin holds the top position in terms of reputation, market
capitalization, and real-world usage in the world of cryptocurrency. But
reasons such as delayed transactions, high transaction charges, and the
level of scalability may hinder its acceptance. Moreover, the Bitcoin
network can only confirm seven transactions per second; whereas,
cryptocurrencies such as NEO and Ripple can confirm thousands of
transactions per second. So, Bitcoins need to be technically sound
before becoming a global payments system. To know more about the
future of Bitcoin, request
for more information.

Adoption and real-world usage

Other than Japan, few nations such as the USA and UK accept Bitcoins as
a mode of payment. The future of Bitcoin will look better when it is
accepted as an actual currency in retail outlets and online channels.
Also, the market value of Bitcoin will escalate if the real-world usage
of Bitcoin increases. To access the complete list of factors
affecting the price and future of Bitcoin, view
the full article here!

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