New SENS Research Report Shows Bitcoin Supporters Are Closely Related to Life Extension

A few months ago, a report related to Hal Finney being cryopreserved spread on the internet.

Hal Finney was a developer that worked with Bitcoin and received the first transaction made on the Bitcoin network. He did not only believe in cryptocurrencies but he also was closely related to life extension through cryopreservation.

A recently released report shows that the relation between crypto enthusiasts and cryopreservation might be more common than previously supposed. The report was released by Julia Herbst in an article on Breaker.

Aubrey de Grey, the chief science officer of Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS), explained that there is a relationship between blockchain proponents and those who believe in life extension using technology improvements. De Grey explained that there are several Bitcoin proponents that have donated to SENS research. SENS is in charge of different studies that focus on regenerative medical therapies.

Another important investor in the space, Mike Novogratz, has also donated to the organization. Furthermore, the so-called Pineapple Fund has also given $2 million in BTC to the SENS. The Pineapple Fund was a popular initiative of a Bitcoin millionaire at the end of 2017 that donated several millions of dollars to NGOs and other caritative projects.

De Grey commented on the matter:

“I’m not in this to do science for the sake of doing science. I’m in it for the ultimate goal.”

There are many other anonymous donors that have given donations to the SENS. Other crypto figures in the space have been donating to further research on the matter. Another organization, the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, has received funds from cryptocurrency supporters.

Hal Finney was taken to Alcor after paying for his cryogenic process. He used a combination of life insurance and also some Bitcoins that people donated in the past. This year, the crypto investor Brad Armstrong donated $5 million using virtual currencies.

Furthermore, Ralph Merkle, the person behind cryptographic hashing has been involved in the cryonics industry supporting research and development.

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