Most Popular Myths Debunked

Myths, Old-Wives Tales, Poppycock, whatever you may claim them to be, these bits of information are everywhere, whether they are truthful or not. Whether you have grown up with them or just heard about them recently, most of the time it is up to you whether you wish to believe in them or not.

Here are some extremely common myths that everyone has heard at least once, in their lifetimes, that just are not true. Also, if you have not heard of any of these myths, then at least now you know not to believe them if they ever reappear in your life. Enjoy:

Sugar Rushes:

There is a widespread popular myth that kids who eat too much candy can find themselves going wild in a sugar rush. However, that turns out to be untrue, as researchers have not seen a correlation between sugar and a child’s hyperactivity.

Birthday parties were a big part of the reasoning behind sugar giving children rushes. However, the reason for their hyperactiveness is more along the lines of the excitement for getting treats as well as being around and playing with the other children. So the answer to a sugar rush is mostly, kids being kids.

However, there is a chance that something does affect the way your children act, however, there is more of a chance of it being caffeine than actual sugar.