It’s Now Possible to Feed 7 Different Animal Species with Bitcoin Cash Zoo

Earlier last month there was an interesting project created by a Bitcoin Cash creator Spencer Lambert who created a mealworm dispenser which would feed chickens every time one deposited BCH on a specified address.

It is done through a Twitch Interactive video platform to show the world how Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponents can instantly feed his chickens online using zero-confirmation transactions. Lambert told the public how they can feed his chickens using BCH and watch them get fed in real time on a Twitch live stream channel.

To feed Lambert’s chickens, users simply need to send $0.50 worth of BCH to the coop’s address. After the money is sent, a cryptocurrency-powered dispenser flips a switch and pours out mealworms.

Lambert says that the “24/7 stream of our wonderful chicken life” uses the Handcash application coupled with an Iozeta-manufactured, cryptocurrency-enabled touchless candy machine. Users simply send $0.50 of BCH with the handle “$CHICKEN” to start the power outlet. The Handcash wallet uses a naming system, otherwise known as a “handle,” to make payments easier than using long alphanumeric BCH addresses.

He explains that the payments “take place in a fraction of a second, more or less instant.” He said he put up the money for the operation, adding that “mealworms don’t come cheap.”

Now, there is an entire website dedicated to viewing not only chickens but baby goats, horses, bunnies, ducks, and geese. The product is deemed Bitcoin Cash Zoo. Their website says:

“Feed River Forest Farm’s Baby Goats and more using Bitcoin cash.”

The ducks are loving @scashofficial and @BitBacker_io!

— Spencer Lambert (@SpencerLambert) December 16, 2018

Twitch is being used to stream the animal and customers have the privilage to see their donations being used to feed the animals in real time.

In addition, Unwriter created an app called Memochicken, which the prolific BCH developer described as a “fun but internally very complex” Bitcoin app with a full event-driven architecture.

“(Post) a memo with Money Button, and pick up the real-time transaction event through Bitsocket, which then queries the Handcash handle $chicken for the receiving address, which then queries Coinbase price API for the currency exchange rate for $0.50 in BCH, and then finally send the chickens $0.50 in BCH, which triggers the already-so-cool chicken feeding Twitch stream by Spencer Lambert,”

Unwriter claimed after the Memochicken application was released.

Even though this is a simple project, it demonstrates how BCH can be useful in the decentralization of any platform, may it big or small.

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