Interview: Crypto Brekkie (Brekkie von Bitcoin)

In a space which often finds itself in the middle of existential crises during bear markets, humor is always welcome. Crypto needs good entertainment, and it’s always great when people share their talents to make us laugh and remember that there’s more to life than speculative investments and financial gains. Crypto Brekkie, also known as Brekkie von Bitcoin, is one of these people who constantly deliver funny content for the entire community to enjoy.

You may know Mr. Brekkie for his cult hit “Blockchain and Morty”, which can be watched on this Twitter account. The premise is pretty simple: the German-accented breakfast-loving crypto enthusiast does the voices of the beloved characters Rick Sanchez (who often gets turned into Satoshi Nakamoto) and his nephew Morty, but adapts the dialogue to feature jokes related to the cryptocurrency space. Usually, the result is funny and worth watching.

When he doesn’t do voice acting, Mr. Brekkie records Christmas songs with Australian crypto journalist and filmmaker Naomi Brockwell, or tries to bring his artistic vision into the realm of Bitcoin-related clothing and merchandise. And when he doesn’t perform any of these influence-increasing activities, he shoots interesting interviews with cryptocurrency media outlets.

In this exclusive Crypto Insider interview, Crypto Brekkie talks about his love for Bitcoin, his fascination with the Grin implementation of Mimble Wimble, and his artistic vision for more creative cryptocurrency merchandise. You will also hear him talk about a new project that he’s working on, which involves an STO-backed television network which airs a late-night show that he would host. The concept involves celebrities who get invited in order to discuss about Bitcoin and potentially learn more about the king of cryptocurrencies. But until then, let’s just hope that we get more of the promised “Blockchain and Morty” episodes.

All these and quite a lot of spontaneous exuberance can be found by accessing the video attached.

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