Inside Bitcoin billionaire Anthony Di Iorio’s new office space and $23 million penthouse


Anthony Di Iorio made his fortune as an early adopter of hot cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and ethereum.

Now, the cryptocurrency billionaire is spending some of his cash on two video game-inspired real estate projects in Toronto.

Di Iorio recently purchased two spaces in Toronto. One is a 15,000 square foot office space for his blockchain company Decentral, and the other is a three-story penthouse which will serve as both his home and an experimental private event space — and which cost him $21 million.

Di Iorio’s plans for both spaces are extremely unconventional. At the office space, in particular, he’s bringing a sci-fi fantasy to life with holographic receptionists, “moving walls,” and secret tunnels, where remote controlled Aston Martins zoom underfoot beneath glass floors.

Here’s a glimpse of Di Iorio’s vision for his futuristic office and his gorgeous new home:

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