Indian Twitter is more interested in Bitcoin than in Netflix’s hit show

Bitcoin recently ranked higher than Netflix’s Money Heist on Indian Twitter.

The coin’s recent rally took it past the $10k mark, causing Indian crypto enthusiasts strongly discuss it.

Bitcoin managed to beat the real-world money-printing, as well as the show about it.

Bitcoin’s pre-halving performance is starting to attract serious attention around the world, and especially in India. The coin’s recent price surge took it past the $10k mark, and while it only happened briefly, it had a strong impact.

In fact, Bitcoin became one of the most common terms on Indian Twitter, with around 86.2k tweets earlier today. This was enough to get ‘Bitcoin’ to trending, and even allow it to exceed Netflix’s hit show, Money Heist.

As some may remember, Money Heist itself became a massive hit during the two-month lockdown in 2020. The lockdown caused by the coronavirus outbreak disrupted the world, but it did wonders for Netflix’s viewership.

Beating reality and fiction alike

Interestingly enough, the show in question focuses on a criminal gang that is planning the world’s biggest banking robbery. Their plan comes down to printing billions of EUR inside the Royal Mint of Spain.

In the real world, the coronavirus-caused feats led to the global economic meltdown. Millions upon millions of people were left unemployed as businesses shut down due to the virus. The stock prices crashed, and people were sent home in self-isolation.

As a result, central banks had to start printing trillions of dollars to provide short-term relief. Meanwhile, while it did experience a brief crash, Bitcoin quickly started returning back to normal. In other words, it managed to beat the money-printing in the real world over the past two months. Now, by surpassing the show on Indian Twitter’s trending, it did the same for the fictional money-printing.

Bitcoin capturing the attention of billionaires

Another thing worth noting is that Paul Tudor Jones, a billionaire hedge fund manager, announced a Bitcoin futures investment. Mr. Jones stated that his decision for his fund to invest in the coin came after the Fed’s money printing decision.

After the statement went public, Bitcoin saw a major rally almost immediately. This was impossible to ignore, even for Indian media, which usually focuses on the coin’s alleged ‘criminal tendencies.’ Bitcoin is slowly but surely spreading, and its benefits are becoming apparent to all. With the halving approaching, the following 12 months will undoubtedly be a very interesting period in crypto history.

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