“If Bitcoin Cash [BCH], XRP or Dash can help in bringing economic freedom, it’ll be great”: Roger Ver

Cryptocurrencies have had a tumultuous start to the year, with the market’s notorious volatility putting almost all the coins to work. The ongoing bear run has also affected major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin [BTC] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH], despite the market being active in terms of updates and developments.

In a recent interview with Dash’s Joel Valenzuela, Roger Ver, a major Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent spoke about Bitcoin’s brand value and the contribution of other cryptocurrencies to the industry.

Ver reasoned that people fight over Bitcoin and everything associated with it because of its sheer branding power and popularity. Ver, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Bitcoin.com touched upon the fact that the network built around Bitcoin is something to be reckoned with and is something that other cryptocurrency organizations were trying to emulate. He said:

“Like I always say, the main of cryptocurrencies should be to bring economic freedom to a lot of people. The Bitcoin of old did that and that is the reason for its massive popularity among the masses. Ask anyone about Dash and there is a possibility that they wouldn’t know about it, that is not the case with Bitcoin. Economic freedom is really important in the market and currently, some of the cryptocurrencies are still struggling to figure that out.”

Joel Valenzuela added onto Ver’s comments by saying that Bitcoin has a huge lead in terms of integrations and tie-ups. In his words:

“The entire cryptocurrency ecosystem was built around so it is obviously very hard for others to play catchup. The sheer number of integrations into exchanges and other platform is in itself a massive feat.”

Ver followed up by agreeing to Valenzuela’s statements and claimed that Bitcoin’s popularity is still high and that is one of the main reasons why branding is important. During the discussion, the Bitcoin.com CEO agreed that there are only three kinds of Bitcoin while some others are doing their part to elevate the ecosystem. Ver closed the discussion by stating:

“I don’t really know much about Ripple or XRP and where it is headed at the moment but I am a big believer of people having individual control over their expenses. I don’t really care whether that is done using Bitcoin, XRP or Dash.”

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