HTC’s New Smartphone Takes Bitcoin to the Next Level

HTC has just released information regarding its new Exodus model smartphone in a surprise announcement. The phone will feature the ability to run a full Bitcoin node.

HTC may not entirely be on the same level as Samsung or Apple when it comes to widespread success in the smartphone industry, but it has been leveraging the emerging popularity of blockchain technology to level the playing field.

HTC’s Crypto Push

The Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer made strides in its first goal accomplishing it last October when it released their flagship model Exodus 1 smartphone. The Exodus 1 first garnered a bit of attention among cryptocurrency proponents as it was released with the option of paying in Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

Forbes reports that the Exodus 1S may have options of paying in cryptocurrency, adding Litecoin and other cryptocurrency choices for a price equivalent to the $250 to $300 range. The 1S will be much more affordable in comparison to the original Exodus that sells on the web site for & euro, €749 of HTC.

The Bells and Whistles

The 1S is going to the ability to store BTC, ETH, and LTC via the built-in Zion vault similar to their predecessor model, and also include an integrated Opera-based browser and Blackfolio application.

The most important and intriguing update, however, is the phone will have the ability to run a full Bitcoin node, which makes it the first smartphone with this built-in capability which verifies BTC transactions. According to data recently released from Coin Dance, there are 9,134 Bitcoin Core nodes in operation.

HTC’s Chief Cryptocurrency Officer Phil Chen stressed the importance of this feature stating:

“Running a node is maybe the most important part of the blockchain as it helps secure the network; every one of them acts as an authoritative verifier of every single transaction of the block.”

An increase in nodes will help strengthen the Bitcoin network for everyone further. Most cryptocurrency users who are veterans of the currency are still on the fence and even wary having their funds stored on a smartphone when there are other cheaper, and secure options, like hardware wallets. However, having the ability to run a full Bitcoin node in their pocket could be the feature that will let the Exodus 1S shine.

This feature may help HTC make a name for themselves in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. It may also lead to the Exodus 1S to having more success than their flagship models. Let us know what you think in the comments below.