How to Create Custom SLP Tokens With the Mint

On January 17, CEO Stefan Rust introduced the company’s new SLP minting application. The Mint is a noncustodial web wallet that allows users to store Bitcoin cash (BCH) and Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens. In addition to the portfolio capabilities, the Mint gives anyone the ability to create their own customized SLP tokens in less than a minute after they add a tiny fraction of BCH.

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During the last day of the North American Bitcoin Conference Miami, CEO Stefan Rust gave a talk on how the cryptocurrency industry can create new markets with an assortment of tools. Rust noted that the Simple Ledger Protocol, built on Bitcoin Cash, was growing by leaps and bounds since the project launched in 2018. He also mentioned how people were tipping each other with SLP-based spice, honks, and beers and how some of these tokens gained real market value and eventually were listed on prominent exchanges.

How to Create Custom SLP Tokens With the’s CEO Stefan Rust introducing the new Mint at TNABC Miami on Friday.

After discussing the growing SLP adoption and infrastructure, Rust officially announced’s new Mint. The service allows anyone to store BCH and a portfolio of SLP tokens using the noncustodial web wallet. Further, with a small fraction of Bitcoin cash, anyone using the Mint can create custom SLP tokens in a matter of no time at all. In order to give our readers an introduction to the new Mint, the following is a step-by-step guide on how to use the web wallet, store a few SLP tokens and create a custom token as well.

How to Create Custom SLP Tokens With the’s Mint allows users to create a new wallet or import an existing wallet.

Using the Web Wallet and Minting SLP Tokens

The first thing to do is head to the website and there’s a tab that lets you create a web wallet and another option that allows you to import an existing wallet. The page lets you know that the Mint is an open-source, noncustodial web wallet. It should be noted that web wallets are for convenience and storing large amounts of money on a web wallet is not recommended.

How to Create Custom SLP Tokens With the MintIn order to mint and send SLP tokens using the web wallet, you need to have a fraction of BCH in the wallet.

In order to create an SLP token and send them, a tiny fraction of BCH is needed within the web wallet. For this experiment, you can deposit as little as $0.05 to get started with’s Mint. In order to start a fresh wallet simply press “create” and in less than 30 seconds a new BCH and SLP wallet is created. Following the wallet creation, you can back up your wallet with the mnemonic seed phrase located in the “configure” section on the left sidebar.

How to Create Custom SLP Tokens With the MintUsers can backup their web wallet in the configure section located on the left sidebar.

After jotting the seed down in private, you can then deposit a nickel’s worth of BCH in the wallet by sending some funds to the Bitcoin cash address. The BCH and SLP address is always located on the bottom left of the screen, but you can also find an address in the portfolio section as well. In order to deposit some BCH into the web wallet, the Mint will give you a scannable QR code for the BCH address and you can also copy and paste the readable address text as well.

How to Create Custom SLP Tokens With the Mint

I scanned the QR code and deposited $0.05 or 0.00014097 BCH into my web wallet for this experiment. The wallet noticed the funds immediately and after your funds are deposited into the wallet you now have the ability to mint an SLP-based token from scratch. After you deposit a small amount of BCH head on over to the “create” section on the left sidebar and it will take you to the customization window.

How to Create Custom SLP Tokens With the MintUsers can create a token in a matter of minutes with a specified token amount, custom name, and the number of decimals as well. Mint users can also upload a document like a white paper or add a document hash and URL.

In the create a token section, you can generate a token symbol, name, add a white paper or document hash, upload a URL, and establish the number of tokens you want to initially produce. You can also set the number of decimals for your tokens so each one can be divided into fractions. After you’ve chosen all the token’s custom formalities, you can press the “create” button and the Mint will let you know your tokens have been created. From here, you can then head back over to the portfolio section and you will see your newly created tokens.

How to Create Custom SLP Tokens With the MintThe wallet will notify you as soon as the SLP token is minted.

The web wallet offers a few features like the ability to send the new tokens to another SLP address or supporting wallet. You can also mint more of the tokens if you desire by simply pressing the “mint” button. Lastly, you can even pay dividends to token holders, after you have sent some of your coins to other people. It works just like…

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