Film Adaptations That Made the Book Authors Cringe

Whether it be through poor casting or poor writing, sometimes our most beloved books fall prey to the curse of the bad screen adaptation. A book can sit for over a year on the bestsellers list and be screaming for an adaptation, but put the wrong writer on the job or a limited budget, or the wrong actor in the lead and you Box Office kryptonite.

Less Than Zero

Less Than Zero really could have been something, especially considering it was written by the same guy that did American Psycho and Rules of Attraction–both book adaptions, both movie successes. However, this movie came out with the sole purpose to promote Nancy Regan’s “Just Say No” anti-drug campaign.

Gulliver’s Travels

What did anyone expect from a movie that starred Jack Black? Gulliver’s Travels is a social commentary, and those are generally harder to put into the film. That being said, everyone knew this version of the story would be garbage. Instead of being a tongue in cheek joke about society’s rules, Black relied on potty humor and 3D effects to carry the movie. No wonder Emily Blunt tried so hard to pass on the film.