Check Out These Abandoned Cities

The world is quickly becoming a place where skyscrapers tower among us, living spaces are getting smaller and towns are becoming overpopulated with people moving there just to try and make ends meet. So, when you find areas of the world that have been abandoned, you have to ask yourself. “wouldn’t it be nice if I could move there for a while and just go off the grid?”

While the answer may seem simple for some, some areas were abandoned for good reason, chemical spills, nuclear energy leaks, and natural disasters like floods; but others were abandoned for the bigger cities out of necessity to make a living. It is those cities that would be nice to get away to every now and then and just get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Which of these cities could you see yourself escaping to and how long so you think you could last without your phone?

Craco, Italy

Once a beautiful city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Craco offered magnificent views from its location along the cliffside. Throughout the centuries, however, underground sewage infrastructures led to landslides, endangering building foundations. Floods and earthquakes damaged the area evn more, and by 1980, the site was abandoned entirely for safety reasons.

Centralia, Pennsylvania

Coal mining was Centralia’s largest economic output throughout the early 1900s; however, it ended up becoming the city’s downfall. In 1962, a fire began in the underground mines that have been burning ever since. Toxic amounts of carbon monoxide have since forced the evacuation of the towns, 2,700 residents, except for 7 lonely holdouts.

Hashima Island, Japan

Recently named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the industrialized island of Hashima is a former undersea coal mine. During its peak in the 1950s, the island housed over 5,000 workers in concrete apartment buildings created to withstand the salty sea spray and strong typhoon winds. Abandoned since the mines closed in 1974, the setting may seem familiar to those who have seen the James Bond film Skyfall.