Casa Launches A Browser Extension For Its Lightning Bitcoin Node, Works On Chrome And Firefox

The crypto custody company Casa has decided to launch a browser extension that will be used for its Lightning Network-enabled Bitcoin node and will let the users from the company interact with Casa Nodes.

According to the official reports made by the company, users will be able to interact with the Casa Nodes using the browser from any crypto site that has functionalities of the Lightning Network.

In case you are not familiar with the Lightning Network, it is a layer-two payment protocol that basically runs the payments outside of the main Bitcoin blockchain, which enables them to be quite faster. The LN was launched last year and has seen some adoption since then. While some users complained about bugs, others hail it as an effective way to use Bitcoin.

The founder of Casa, Jeremy Welch, has affirmed that the extension was to make it easier for people to use it without having to open new Casa tabs on their browsers. The extension was launched for Chrome and Firefox, the two most popular browsers. Using it, the users will be able to control their Casa Nodes directly via the extension whenever the LN is enabled on a site, which makes things easier.

According to the creators of the extension, the whole thing was very simple to create and it was made in under a month. Welch explains that there are still “more surprises” for the quarter and that the company is pushing a lot of new products to the market right now, which can get people to be really engaged with the company.

Better Than Expected

Welch believes that, despite how the market is at the moment, the company is doing very well. He compares the time we are living in as the early days of the web and believes that more and more Lightning-based apps are going to appear in the market soon.

The company is also set on opening up its code. Welch is ready to open source key features of Casa Node in order to make the products more available for people and have more quality.

He defends that the latest product, the extension, simply would have not been made without the help of Will O’Beirn, the founder of Because of this, it is based on developers helping other developers that things will move along.

Making the development of assets open source, the company expects to improve the security of its products at the same time that it aims to let other people use the code to create something new.

According to Welch, the sales of Casa products have outpaced all expectations, so the company is having a great degree of success at the moment. However, no numbers for the sale of Casa products ever described so far.

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