Biterica Launches Simple Bitcoin Gifting

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bitcoin gifting just became faster and easier than ever before with the
launch of,
the world’s first easy to use Bitcoin gifting platform. Biterica allows
someone to instantly give the gift of Bitcoin to anyone in the world
with an email address. The platform eliminates many of the common
consumer headaches associated with getting into cryptocurrency.

“I am excited to unveil Biterica, an easy to use service that allows
anyone in the world to instantly give Bitcoin to anyone with an email
address,” said Raz Suprovici, founder of Biterica. “Most people
who are into crypto have either gifted it or had it given to them, but
gifting someone Bitcoin is a difficult and convoluted process, so we
made it super simple! Whether it’s a high school graduation, Hanukkah or
grandchild’s birthday, with Biterica it’s easier than ever to give
someone Bitcoin.”

Biterica’s mission is to make Bitcoin more accessible by building
mainstream tools that make it easy to use by the general public.
Biterica relies on both Blockchain
and Coinbase,
two of the world’s largest wallet providers, to facilitate quick and
secure access to funds.

Prior to building Biterica, Suprovici previously built MebApp to 15
million monthly users and sold TapBuy to Groupon. He has consulted with
numerous Fortune 100 companies and is passionate about Bitcoin’s ability
to make the world better, believing anyone can be part of the movement
by educating friends and family.

“Our goal is to expand the number of people that are into Bitcoin,
starting with your friends and family first,” added Suprovici.
“Bitcoin is how money will work in the future and Biterica makes it easy
to help those you care about get in before they get priced out and it’s
too late. If you’re going to a birthday party this weekend, consider
giving the $20 gift that everyone at the party is going to talk about.
Recipients know it comes with the best intentions, especially 5 years

The process is simple. First, the recipient’s email address is entered,
followed by the sender setting a budget and personal note to accompany
the gift. A secure, unique Bitcoin wallet is generated for the recipient
and the sender is prompted to fund the gift. A few seconds after the
gift is funded, an email is sent to the recipient accompanied by a
confirmation receipt to the sender. Once the Bitcoin gift recipient
receives the gift, they can instantly log into their wallet, see their
Bitcoin and spend it as they please.

It’s that simple.

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About Biterica

Gifting Bitcoin is hard, so we made it incredibly simple. To gift
someone Bitcoin, visit

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