Bitcoin turns boring as investors hit by apathy

The words Bitcoin and boring have rarely been uttered in the same breath.

But after a dizzying rally, a gut-wrenching crash and near-constant ups and downs over the past two years, the cryptocurrency did something strange in recent weeks: it stayed relatively still.

Apathy takes over: Bitcoin has traded in a tight range for the past month.Credit:AP

Bitcoin has traded in a $US732 range since September 7, swinging no more than 12 per cent from peak to trough, according to Bitstamp prices compiled by Bloomberg. That’s the narrowest trading band for any rolling 28-day period since December 2016, and well short of the 200 per cent range during the height of crypto-mania in late 2017.

Bulls see the calm as evidence of a maturing market. But for Stephen Innes, head of Asia Pacific trading at Oanda Corp., it suggests investors may be losing interest in cryptocurrencies after a more than $US600 billion selloff since the start of 2018. While the slump has been interspersed with several market rallies, they’ve gotten smaller and smaller as the year has progressed.

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