Bitcoin job searches have declined, while blockchain interest remains stable — Quartz

As Bitcoin’s price cools, so has interest in gigs related to the original crypto asset. However, job seekers’ attraction to blockchain—the distributed, digital ledger that tracks Bitcoin transactions—has remained fairly stable, according to job site Indeed. The trend mirrors a widely held view that crypto assets have been in a speculative mania, but the underlying technology is a promising innovation that could transform industries.

Job seeker interest in “Bitcoin” peaked at 39 searches per million during the week of Dec. 14, as did searches for “cryptocurrency” at 46 searches per million, according to Indeed. Bitcoin’s price also reached a record that month, climbing to nearly $20,000, before falling by more than half since then to about $7,800. Job seeker enthusiasm also waned in that time: Searches for “Bitcoin” declined by 76% and “cryptocurrency” by 41%.

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