Bitcoin Cash Meetups Help Plant the Seeds of Economic Freedom

Our newsdesk recently caught up with’s community manager Chris Bridgman who discussed the recent expansion of Bitcoin Cash-focused meetups worldwide. Over the last two years, Bridgman and his partner Akane Yokoo have seen BCH meetups grow from a small handful to around 90 BCH-based gatherings in a number of different countries.

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Growing the Bitcoin Cash Community

There are numerous ways people can learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and most of the time individuals research these subjects online. However, learning everything online can be daunting to some people as it can be much harder to ask questions and sometimes online forums are filled with useless trolling and infighting. Bitcoin Cash meetups, however, offer a different ‘hands-on’ approach to learning and spreading the knowledge of BCH to the masses. In the last few years, the BCH community has grown significantly and individuals worldwide are organizing small groups or assemblies of like-minded people to discuss and promote the innovative benefits of Bitcoin cash. is a big believer in spreading economic freedom through tools like Bitcoin cash. A testament to this is how many of our staff members, alongside well known members of the BCH community, have been passionately bolstering BCH-centric meetups.

Bitcoin Cash Meetups: Helping Plant the Seeds of Economic Freedom
Bitcoin Cash meetups worldwide have been growing and Akane Yokoo says that people have been reaching out to the team and they have been working on initiating a few more meetups including Aix en Provence (France), Philadelphia, and Boynton Beach in Florida.

On Friday, spoke with’s community manager Chris Bridgman about the expansion of BCH meetups and how they plan to continue advancing these efforts. Bridgman explained that with the help from staff members, Akane Yokoo, Monica Rea, and many Global Bitcoin Cash Leaders, the team has been working to grow the Bitcoin Cash meetups around the world and looking to provide the support individuals need. “We’ve been setting up new meetups with local organizers onsite in areas like Miami, Jakarta, Dubai, Seoul, Mexico City, Budapest, London, Sweden recently and we’ve also been working with existing meetups,” Bridgman remarked. “We’re looking to grow the engagement there, grow the volume of these groups, enhance the frequency of meetups and things like that.” The community manager added:

We’re also doing something new which is expanding into new demographics and new industries. Essentially trying to bridge the gap and showcase the benefits of using Bitcoin cash. Whether it’s in a totally different ecosystem or cross-coin platforms and really just trying to enhance this incredible global community any way we can.

Bitcoin Cash Meetups: Helping Plant the Seeds of Economic Freedom community managers Chris Bridgman and Akane Yokoo. Many other staff members, including executive chairman Roger Ver and CEO Stefan Rust, have been volunteering to help grow BCH-focused meetups as well.

Bridgman emphasized that the individuals they call Global Bitcoin Cash Leaders are inspiring and the team has connected with people that are really driving adoption and working to grow the BCH ecosystem. Both community managers believe these individuals are literally planting the seeds of global adoption and the growth of peer-to-peer cash. Bridgman noted that the meetup community comes from all walks of life and they all bring ideas of their own. He said that if people are interested in getting involved with the BCH meetup community, the first thing to do would be to check and see what’s around you. “We’ve got an awesome platform called and there’s a great interactive map there that showcases where all the existing BCH meetups are,” Bridgman detailed. “If you can’t find one, you can reach out to us at and we’ll set you up with a meetup if there isn’t an existing one already.”

Bitcoin Cash Meetups: Helping Plant the Seeds of Economic Freedom’s executive chairman Roger Ver and CEO Stefan Rust will be appearing at the BCH meetups in Stockholm and in London in October.

90 Bitcoin Cash Meetups Worldwide

Additionally, Yokoo and Bridgman have also been utilizing Telegram as a platform to connect individuals and working with other global leaders in a collective group. The members of the group could be starting BCH meetups or driving Bitcoin cash adoption Bridgman said. “Within that group, we can then branch off and create individual groups and pull in the right people to really grow the BCH meetup community’s connectivity — Provide the support these individuals need, but also connect the dots with other passionate people,” he noted during the conversation.

Bitcoin Cash Meetups: Helping Plant the Seeds of Economic Freedom
Roberto, a BCH Global Leader who runs a Bitcoin Cash meetup in Barquisimeto, Venezuela.

Bridgman went on to explain that when it comes to meetups, there really is no guide book and there is no right or wrong…

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