18-Year-Old Bitcoin (BTC) Drug Dealer Busted by Australian Police: Details


A trove of drugs Drug dealers love Bitcoin   

An 18-year-old drug dealer from Tasmania, Australia, was caught red-handed with a batch of drugs in his mail, The Examiner reports. He is currently under arrest after being charged with drug trafficking. 

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A trove of drugs 

The Australian teenager was responsible for maintaining the flow of illegal drugs into his area with the help of a mail corridor. The substances that were seized by local law enforcement include MDMA, Ketamine, and cocaine. They were cumulatively worth more than $100,000. 

“The seizure of 450 grams of MDMA will disrupt the supply of the party drug and reduce risk to the Tasmanian community,” said Detective Inspector Chambers.

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Drug dealers love Bitcoin   

Apart from the trove of drugs, the police also confiscated $10,000 and Bitcoin (BTC). The latter remains the preferred payment method of bad actors long after the days of Silk Road. 

As reported by U.Today, cybersecurity expert Menny Barzillay called Bitcoin one of the strongest drivers of crime. 

“Bitcoin is like cash money that you can actually send over the internet and this is one of the strongest drivers for crime today,” Barzillay said.

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