10 Scary Objects You Wouldn’t Want In Your House

The end of summer is the best season when it comes to listening or telling ghost stories. With how hot the weather is, these ghost tales and information on haunted objects will be sure to send chills running over your nerves, more than definitely cool you off a bit from the latent heat.

The Hands Resist Him:

The Hands Resist Him is a painting that can leave many feeling strangely afraid, whether it be the characters portrayed in the picture, the stern looking little boy and the younger female doll and many dislocated hands that are reaching up behind the two, or perhaps it’s not even that, but the atmospheric lighting and the perspective of where they’re looking. Although this painting has, in recent years, become infamous, this is mostly for another reason.

The Hands Resist Him, first painted by Bill Stoneham in 1972, is said to carry a curse. People who have obtained the painting has claimed that those who have looked at it for too long reported feeling ill or dizzy, some even stating that they have fainted afterward. Any children who have laid their eyes on it would scream and never come near it.

There has also been much chatter about the characters moving during the night and not just limiting themselves to the borders of the canvas, but sometimes, leave the painting itself.

It has also been said that anyone who possesses the painting will be cursed and will die within a year.

Annabelle the Raggedy Ann Doll :

Many young girls have had at least one Raggedy Ann Doll at some point in their lives, enthralled by the lovely red hair and cutesy blushing cheeks. This was no different when it came to the cute doll, Annabelle.

A mother in the 1970s bought this doll for her daughter, Donna, who was preparing for college to become a nurse. Donna had quickly taken a liking to Annabelle and gave the doll her place in her apartment that she shared with a roommate. However, the two immediately took a noticing to the different positioning of Annabelle’s arms or her body in general. The misplacements of the doll’s limbs or even her placement, in general, had gotten to a point where they would sometimes find her in a room they never also put her in, along with the door being closed beforehand.

The two girls had gone to a medium who told them that a seven-year-old girl who was trapped inside the doll. The two girls, feeling sympathetic towards the spirit, allowed Annabelle to stay even with the strange occurrences. Unfortunately, this was a mistake that would soon make itself known. The two girls’ friend Lou came over and reported that he was attacked, with evidence of scratches on his skin.

After this was happening, the two decided it was time to put Annabelle in someone else’s hands. The Warrens were the ones to come and handle the situation. Ed and Lorraine Warren, after examining, and “reading” the doll, came to realize that it wasn’t a seven-year-old girl at all, but a demon who was possibly trying to take advantage of any guards that were put down to attempt possession.

They quickly took Annabelle away with permission from Donna, and she is currently displayed in a glass case at the ‘The Warren’s,’ an Occult Museum, in Connecticut.

The Anguished Man :

This painting was created by a man with paint and his blood right before the man committed suicide. However, before his passing, he had given it to his grandmother as a gift. The grandmother quickly dispersed the painting into her attic since she felt the evil that came from it.
Sean Robinson inherited the painting from this same grandmother, and all of the paranormal happenings that happened to her began arriving at Sean as well.

He has Claimed that “several people have had severe nose bleeds shortly after viewing it, and many people have experienced extreme nausea immediately after seeing it.”

This painting is the cause of many bangs and strange occurrences such as the attic door suddenly closing which has been caught on camera by Sean, and posted on Youtube.

Robert The Doll:

The real-life inspiration for ‘Chucky.’
This doll was given to a young boy named Robert Eugene Otto, aged 4, from a family servant who was said to have practiced black magic, and ever since then, has become a considerable part of Robert’s life.

The doll was much inspired by young Robert, with the sailor suit and beady black eyes, hence, naming the doll after himself and telling his mother that he will now go by his middle name, Eugene, for Robert is the doll’s name. The young Robert adored him. However, soon the doll seemed to become a problem for many as mischievous happenings occurred, and while most would try and talk to Eugene about the issues and put the blame on him, Eugene would always admit that it wasn’t him who did it, but Robert.

The doll is currently residing in the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida. However, if you visit, remember to ask for permission to film or take pictures of him. Every year, the museum gets thousands of letters addressed to Robert from apologetic people who have claimed they have been cursed, and wish to apologize for filming or capturing his photos without first asking if it was alright.

The Cursed Mirror of Myrtles Plantation:

Located in Myrtle’s Plantation is a mirror with a long history. The manor at the plantation itself is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in the world, but it’s the mirror that gathers the attention.

The legend is that this mirror contains the spirits of Sara Woodruff and her kids who were poisoned by a mistreated slave named Chloe. After their death, as an old tradition all the mirrors in the house were covered, doing so will help prevent souls from becoming lost or trapped in the mirrors, all but one were included.

If you’re brave enough, you can stay at the house which is now a “bed and breakfast.” However, be warned, many have claimed of seeing child-like figures in the mirror, possibly the statistics of the Woodruff children, and tiny handprints over the glass.

The Chair of Death (Busby’s Stoop Chair)

This chair had once been a favorite of the murderer Thomas Busby of the U.K. The story that goes with the chair is that, on the day of Busby’s execution by hanging, after the murder of his father-in-law, he was offered a last meal, where he quickly made haste to his favorite pub. In there, after finishing his meal and preparing for his fate, he stood up and claimed for the whole pub to hear, “May sudden death comes to anyone who dares sit on my chair.”

Since then, 63 people have perished after sitting in the chair; a few meeting their doom just mere minutes after sitting in it. Once the number of deaths became too large for this to be a coincidence.

The chair that had once stayed at the pub right where Bubsy had sat was donated by the Pub’s owner, to the Thirsk Museum in North Yorkshire, U.K. Where it has since been hung up so that there will be no more untimely deaths.

The Haunted Wedding Dress:

Anna Baker, who came from a wealthy family, fell in love. The man she had fallen in love with was an ironworker from the low class, and unfortunately, this was something her father could just not let happen.

Anna’s father refused to let her marry him, and Anna herself refused to marry anyone else. So she had spent her years alone, bitter and miserable until her death in 1914. Left behind was her wedding gown that she forever kept in memory of that Iron Worker.

However, now, it seems that she hasn’t entirely left the dress alone, for it has been put on display in her old Baker home, in a sealed tight glass case, where many have claimed, the suit will move and waft about on its own.

The Crying Boy:

This painting was first conceived by the artist Giovani Bragolin, which quickly became famous and had copies sent out to homes all around Britain. Strangely enough, however, many houses during that same here caught fire, and even stranger, every house that had seemed to have been containing “The Crying Boy” painting which was always the only things untouched by the flames.

This could be coincidence, though there still is no explanation for the happenings.

The Dybbuk Box

There is Jewish folklore that has been retold and passed down by many of a dark spirit called Dybbuk, who will have no hesitation in possessing living people and using their bodies to do pure evil.

The Dybbuk Box is a wine cabinet that was posted to be sold on eBay. The listings had claimed that the box had come from a Concentration Camp survivor’s estate, and the granddaughter who had it was terrified of the box, hence why they’re selling it and warned, that it held a Dybbuk.

A man named Kevin Mannis bought it, and this man had a string of bad luck follow right behind as soon as he possessed it, most notably the many reoccurring nightmares of an old hag and strange smells that haunted both him and his family members. Then his mother suddenly suffered a stroke while sitting in the same room as the cabinet. He quickly got rid of it afterward, selling it to a museum director in Missouri named Jason Haxton who wrote a book about the cabinet and its occurrences, then eventually, hiding the box from the rest of the world so that it could do no more damage.

Pele’s Curse:

Many people love going to Hawaii on vacation, the beautiful clear blue waters and tropical forests, clean sand; it’s such a beautiful area to visit. Some even try to take a little bit of Hawaii back home with them. This is something that you absolutely should not do, or you risk suffering Pele’s curse.

Many people will take chips of volcanic rock or sand home in bags with them, and then quickly realize their mistake after many occurrences of bad luck such as car accidents. After these happenings occur, they immediately write up an explanatory letter and send the elements back to Hawaii where they belong.