10 Facts About Bitcoin You Should Know

in 2018, Bitcoin holders can use the cryptocurrency to buy almost
anything their hearts desire. In fact, it might be shorter to
actually list what Bitcoin can’t buy.
Since 2014, Overstock.com Inc.
(NASDAQ:OSTK) has partnered with Coinbase to accept the cryptocurrency for
orders made on its website. The rise in the price of Bitcoin caused the stock
to soar in 2017,
even though it has given a good deal of those gains back year-to-date.

course, Overstock.com is far from the only company accepting cryptocurrencies
these days.

Dish Network Corp
(NASDAQ:DISH) has accepted Bitcoin in exchange for its cable packages since

Microsoft Corporation
(NASDAQ:MSFT) accepts Bitcoin for downloaded content from its X-box and Windows
stores, but not for purchased items from its online store.

using Intuit Inc’s (NASDAQ:INTU)
Quickbooks invoice software can accept Bitcoin as payment.

can pay for their trips using Bitcoin through Expedia Inc’s (NASDAQ:EXPE) many travel booking brands such as Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotels.com, and

items that can be bought using Bitcoin include guns (legally), gold, and even
real estate. 

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